The Tor community is made up of all kinds of contributors. Some people write documentation and bug reports, while others hold Tor events and conduct outreach. Whether you have a lot of time to volunteer or a little, and whether you consider yourself technical or not, we want you to join our community, too. Below, you'll find some different ways to volunteer with the Tor community as well as resources to better help you help Tor.


Do you teach your community about using Tor? These resources are for you.

Check our resources


Bring Tor materials to your next community event.

Tell the world about Tor

Onion Services

Onion services help you and your users defeat surveillance and censorship. Learn how you can deploy Onion Services.

Grow your .onion


We want Tor to work for everyone in the world, which means our software must be translated into a lot of languages.

Help us translate

User Research

We respect our users' privacy when we conduct research.

Learn about Tor users

Relay Operations

Relays are the backbone of the Tor network. Help make Tor stronger and faster by running a relay today.

Grow the Tor network